Juried exhibitions are one of the best ways to get your original sculptors in front of the appropriate buyers, but you wouldn’t show your work just anywhere. Sugarloaf Craft Festivals provides sculptors with the unique opportunity of exposing over 10,000 appreciative buyers to their hand-crafted creations, and a juried selection process ensures that exhibitor work is unmatched. We welcome sculptors of all shapes and sizes — from decorative garden figures to contemporary fine art sculpture — to apply to exhibit at Sugarloaf. We provide a place for all art, from fine to folk, at Sugarloaf Craft Festivals.

Our large base of visitors enjoys seeing metal sculptures, ceramic sculptures, assemblage, wood-carved sculptures, stone sculptures, decorative sculptures and much more. We even attract a large buyer-base interested in the unique and abstract, including kinetic art, found object sculptures and other contemporary sculpting methods. Best-selling categories include unique garden sculptures and hanging wall sculptures. The only requirement we have for submitting work at Sugarloaf is that your exhibition be made up of original, hand-crafted work. Budding and established sculptor-entrepreneurs do well at Sugarloaf.

Sugarloaf offers 11 art and craft shows each year throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. We host art shows in Pennsylvania, Virginia, Maryland and New Jersey to ensure that our exhibitor and visitor base is able to enjoy multiple festivals per year. Each seller gets his or her own booth, discount hotel rates, free storage options and other fantastic perks. But the best part is, even first-time Sugarloaf artists come away feeling like they’re part of the creative Sugarloaf family. Ready to apply? Fill out our online application form or mail us an application with high-resolution, digital images. We’re looking forward to seeing your creations.