Calling all wood carvers! Sugarloaf Craft Festivals welcomes wood carvers and wood-focused artists to consider showing their original creations at one of our 11 annual art and craft shows. Our low-overhead, well-marketed art shows are meticulously juried to ensure that your woodwork is placed alongside some of the best artists and craftspeople in the region. We welcome wood carvings, art and wood furniture makers to apply to exhibit at each Sugarloaf wood carving art sale in New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia and Pennsylvania. Whether functional, decorative or abstract, there’s a place at the Sugarloaf table for your wood art.

Wood crafts that sell well at Sugarloaf include wood furniture, wood toys, wood sculptures and many other unique, hand-crafted wood creations. Over 10,000 visitors come to our festivals in search of best-selling wood crafts such as wood boxes, turned wood bowls, wood toy boxes, wooden rocking horse, wood toys, hand carved wood spoons and bowls, wooden cutting boards, wood chopping blocks, wood rocking chairs, inlaid wood tables, wood wall shelves, wood lamps, outdoor wood deck furniture, wood treasure boxes and turned wood accessories.

Sugarloaf isn’t your typical craft show. We’re a maker-focused market that does everything we can to help our exhibitors thrive. Every show includes plenty of indoor space available for showing your work, plus easy setup and a great support team. Sugarloaf artist-entrepreneurs are a part of a greater family of artists and craftspeople who provide mutual support throughout the art show process. To apply to one of our annual juried shows, simply fill out our online application form or submit your application through the mail. We’re happy to answer any and all questions if you contact us today via phone at 800-210-9900.