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Use Your FREE Tickets to Create Sales!

Trying to get repeat buyers or attract new customers? Free tickets can increase your sales! In a few easy steps, invite your best (or newest) fans. They’ll be thrilled to visit you. Follow our easy 3 easy steps to use all of your free tickets:

  1. Get Your 10 Free Tickets: Each participating exhibitor receives ten (10) unique free ticket codes in your survival guide (you can find these in the same place as your space assignment).
  2. Send All Free Tickets: Copy & paste each code into an email. Write a quick note to your customer to click on the link to redeem their tickets. Include your show details (location, dates, booth #).
  3. Sell! Greet your customers when they arrive and be sure to show off your newest work.


Can the same ticket code be used more than once?

No. Each code is unique and can be redeemed only once. If you have more than 10 great customers to invite, additional tickets can be purchased for only $3 each. Contact us to order additional tickets.

Can I send more than 1 ticket to a customer?

Yes! If you want to invite a customer with their spouse or a friend, simply include more than one ticket link in your email to them.

How are tickets redeemed?

Customers will click on the link, enter their email address, and they’re ready to shop!  We’ve made the process easy for them – redeemed tickets can be displayed on their smart phone at the gate or printed in advance. Be sure not to send the same code to more than one person; each link can only be redeemed once.

Do tickets need to be printed for entry?

No! Your customers can simply show their ticket on their smart phone at the door. If they choose to print their tickets we’ll accept that too.

How can I give away all of my tickets?

If you don’t have 10 customers to invite, try inviting your best customers with a friend. Or, hold a contest on Facebook or your website. Be sure to use this opportunity to increase your customer base – send out all 10 of your free tickets!

How can tickets be mailed?

Although the ticket links are designed to be distributed by email, you may also print and mail these tickets. Simply click on the links and enter your information to print each ticket.
Our original printed complimentary passes are still available. Contact us at 301-990-1400 to let us know that you prefer our original complimentary passes instead of the online ticket links.

Can additional tickets be purchased to invite more than 10 shoppers?

Yes! Emailing free passes is a fast and simple way to get customers in your booth. Additional ticket codes and be purchased for $3 each by calling the Sugarloaf main office (301) 990-1400.