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FEATURED ON BRAVO's manzo'd with children!


Are you a “Real Housewives” fan? Make sure to catch Ep 4: Crafts Sales and Orgy Tales of “Manzo’d With Children” to see housewife — and budding artist — Caroline Manzo attempt to sell her handmade soaps at New Jersey’s Sugarloaf Craft Festival. This episode follows the “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star as she prepares for her soap-making hobby’s first foray into the major leagues of art festivals. As it turns out, she may be a bit in over her head, but she also has a lot to learn from her first big festival appearance.


Though Manzo is best known for her “Real Housewives” stint and her new Bravo show “Manzo’d With Children,” she also has a number of other interests. This has led her to pursue several exciting ventures over the years, such as authoring her first book, “Let Me Tell You Something,” and hosting her very own podcast. More recently, she’s indulged her creative side with her new online soap shop called Friendly Monkey Soap Company. Her hand-crafted bath bombs and soaps have quickly become a hit, which is why this “Manzo’d With Children” episode about her first in-person soap sales experience is a must-see for fans.

Manzo’s choice of the New Jersey Sugarloaf Craft Festival couldn’t be more apt for her high-end style. Sugarloaf Crafts is known for its highly selective art shows and festivals that feature some of the best established and up-and-coming artists from across the country. Manzo certainly has her work cut out for her, but you’ll have to tune in to see how her first art festival experience turns out. As she told Bravo, “It's just a way to keep myself busy and be productive, keep my mind young and have a focus every day.” However, seeing Manzo’s nerves before this big show is telling of her hope to find success in the cutthroat world of handmade soaps.

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