Fall timonium / marketing tool kit

Use This Blog Post!

Use This for Facebook Instagram and Twitter!

We are excited to launch the Fall 2016 Sugarloaf Tour with you THIS WEEKEND! We've been advertising the show extensively, including national media coverage on Bravo TV, but we need your help too. We ask that you tell your fans and followers where and when to find you. But don't worry, we're making it easy for you!

First things first. Log onto Facebook and share our event. Just click "SHARE" and "Share in Newsfeed". 

We've crafted sample blog and social media posts for easy sharing. Just add in your booth number and any other details you wish, and post away on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Also enclosed are graphics to choose from to use with each post.

Your fans and followers need to know where to find you. Don't be shy - post, share, and ask them to come see you. It only takes a few minutes and you'll be happy you did!

Let's make this a great weekend together!