Exciting News from Sugarloaf Craft Festivals!

It all started with a ball of clay and a pot. 

In the early 1970’s, while taking wheel-thrown pottery classes, I discovered all my fellow artists loved creating with their hands. But, with no place to sell their artwork, I knew it was my life’s mission to provide artists with a platform to make a living doing what they love. Within a year the first show was launched and today, over 40 years later, Sugarloaf continues as a cornerstone of the creative arts community, where artists and their supporters join together.

Over the years as Sugarloaf Crafts Festivals grew to new cities, my own family also grew. My two children grew up with the Sugarloaf Family of artists. My daughter, Jacqueline, even attended her first Sugarloaf Crafts Festival at just one week old!

Now, with great joy I announce that Jacqueline has officially joined the Sugarloaf team as Director. After starting, running and selling her own successful business which brought Selfie Sticks to America, she joins our team with proven marketing expertise and a passion for the future of Sugarloaf.

I continue to be actively involved in Sugarloaf, as is the rest of the Sugarloaf team. Together, we are excited to continue to bring you the curated, exciting and creative environment that you know and love, with a few new additions to enhance your experience.

And with that, I “pass the pot” to Jacqueline to introduce some of the wonderful things to expect this fall!

 I am delighted to join the Sugarloaf Team! The “Sugarloaf Family” has been my extended family forever, and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to work with such a talented, creative, and loving community. Here are some of the fun and exciting things coming your way.

We have a new look! We’re excited about the new Sugarloaf Crafts logo and newsletter look. What do you think?! We’ll also be launching a new website in the coming weeks, making it easier to preview shows and buy tickets online.

Artists, workshops, and entertainment! This fall, we’ll have new artists featured at every Sugarloaf Crafts Festival, in addition to your favorite returning artists. Fun, interactive workshops, live music, yummy gourmet foods, and more – there are so many things to look forward to. Check out our schedule, save the dates and buy your tickets now!

Stayed tuned for more announcements. I can’t wait to see everyone this fall! Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


Deann & Jacqueline