What do you love about Sugarloaf?

Dear Friends,

“Oh, wow! You made this?!” “Look over there, I see something I love!”

These are just a few of the things you’ll hear walking through Sugarloaf Craft Festivals! We are getting so excited about our upcoming Fall and Holiday Sugarloaf Craft Festivals, we have a great roster of new and returning artists for your shopping pleasure. Can you believe our first stop on the tour is just two months away? We’ll be in Timonium, MD October 7, 8, 9th – mark your calendars and get your tickets today!

Read what art and craft enthusiasts like you love about Sugarloaf Craft Festivals. Tell us, what do you love about Sugarloaf Craft Festivals?

“I love Sugarloaf Craft Festivals because I can meet the artists and hear their story. I know each of the artists whose work I bought at Sugarloaf. I know each piece is made with love…now my whole house is full of love!”

“Loved everything. Wonderful crafters. Wonderful food entrepreneurs Can't wait until the fall so I can come back!”


“So many unique and wonderful gift opportunities! Hands down, the largest craft festival I have EVER been to!”

“Always a pleasure. I find goodies that I can't find anywhere else. Well worth the investment of a few dollars and a few hours.”


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