5 Reasons to Add More Art to Your Life This New Year

5 Reasons Why Adding More Art to Your Life is the Best New Year's Resolution

Are you still deciding what New Year’s resolutions to make? Here are five reasons why adding more art to your life will make the year one to remember.

1.     Art gives our lives meaning. There are many things, such as love and beauty, that can’t be understood with reason alone. Art helps people understand these things and give meaning to their world.

2.     Art is a natural behavior. From the time of cavemen, art has been a basic human instinct. Every culture has forms of art, and people have the fundamental desire to create from the time they’re children.

3.     Creativity breeds creativity. Whether you’re attending a concert or painting a picture, creativity is like working out – the more someone uses their muscles, the stronger they get. Adding art to your life will increase your appreciation for it.

4.     Art helps us communicate. Art is like language in that people use it to convey ideas and information. From sharing thoughts about current events to telling cultural history, art helps us say things that can’t be expressed with words alone.

5.     Art provides a sense of community. Art is a collective experience, and is meant to be created and shared with others. In a world of individualism, art helps connect people and gives them a reason to join together.

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