Sugarloaf Craft Festival - January News

Happy New Year!

Start the New Year off the right way with tickets to Sugarloaf! Our Spring 2017 Tour kicks off January 27-29 in Chantilly, VA and continues with four more great stops throughout the Mid-Atlantic Region. From designer fashion to creative pottery, Sugarloaf Craft Festivals are the place to find hundreds of independent artisans and a vibrant artistic community. Beat the doldrums this winter by warming your heart with the joy of high-end arts and crafts! Check out our schedule for more information and to order tickets for a Sugarloaf Crafts Festival near you.

Featured Artist - Alan Burslem Pottery

For more than 40 years, Alan Burselm Pottery has been creating beautiful high-fire pottery, stoneware and sculpture. Burselm was born in High Oaks, PA but raised in the historic village and artistic community of Arden, DE, where he was influenced by serious artists from many disciplines. He has since become a master of his craft, with numerous awards and a permanent gallery at the Biggs Museum of American Art. Come meet Burselm and view a live demonstration of his work at the upcoming Sugarloaf Crafts Festival in Chantilly, VA and at many other stops on our Spring and Fall Tours.

Featured Artwork - Stahl Bowls
“Ying Yang” Pattern in tiger maple/sapele base

Stahl Bowls are a special type of segmented bowl that add flair to any room or display. This decorative piece features the classic “Ying-Yang” pattern engrained in a tiger maple and sapele base, using 163 pieces for a visually stunning pattern. Visit to learn more about their creations.

Remember This? Past Sugarloaf Highlight - Shen Yun Performing Arts

Sugarloaf had the pleasure of hosting Shen Yun Performing Arts during our Fall Tour, ending with the final show in Chantilly last month. Shen Yun performances incorporate every type of traditional Chinese performing art, including dance, singing, music, costumes and animated backgrounds for an immersive and enchanting experience, and we were proud to have them be a part of the Sugarloaf experience. 
Miss them at Sugarloaf? Shen Yun Performing Arts will be continuing on their 2017 World Tour and will be back on the east coast in February. Visit to learn more. 

"We had such a good time this year! Purchased my lovely tote bag from Carole Kyle plus one as a gift for my daughter, then some beautiful photo prints on metal backing, a great 3-D wooden lighted replica of Penn State stadium and my lavender exfoliating scrub I get every year. All the artists that participate at Sugarloaf have their own specialties and everything you see is made of great quality and is worth every penny! Even if you're not in the spending mood, it's a nice place to visit and see all the different crafters, entertainers, and just an enjoyable time with family, friends, or even by yourself!" - Mary, Sugarloaf Shopper

Demonstrating Artist Coming to Chantilly – John Akkus Metal Spinning

Art enthusiasts looking for a “Silver Touch” will find it from John Akkus at Chantilly! Since 1989, Akkus has been designing and creating custom jewelry, vases, ornaments and other pieces using his unique, self-taught metal spinning techniques. Come meet the artist and enjoy a live demonstration of his incredible art!


Returning to Chantilly – Brooke Barboza

Sugarloaf is pleased to welcome Brooke Barboza and her hand-crafted jewelry back to Chantilly. Based in upstate New York, Barboza hand forges each unique piece using metals such as gold and sterling silver. Her use of gemstones and other precious stones accent the nature themes that help connect the wearer to the beauty around them.