Edison Highlights

The all new Edison, New Jersey Sugarloaf Crafts Festival is this weekend, Friday, November 10th through Sunday, November 12th at the New Jersey Convention and Expo Center.

This is a new location for Sugarloaf but you’ll still meet hundreds of top-notch artists ready to amaze you with their imaginative and artistic expressions in metalwork, ceramics, leather, textiles, fine art, woodturning, glass blowing and many other mediums.

If you don’t have your tickets yet, we encourage you to take advantage of our discounted prices by buying online!

You can also preview the show layout and Gift Guide to plan your visit.

Here are 10 artists we want to make sure you don’t miss!          

We all hope guardian angels are watching over us and our loved ones every day. But a specially sculpted pair of angel wings on canvas or wood is an encouraging reminder during life’s tough times… or any time at all. These Angels of Heart by Kelley Bowers make great new baby and wedding gifts!


Sugarloaf artists are exceptional in many ways, including in their dedication to preserving ancient art forms. Marie Cuozzo of Bear’s Nest Studio uses the Medieval chainmaille technique in her bracelets and a 7th Century Japanese braiding technique for her necklaces! Come get a glimpse of her museum-worthy pieces.

If it’s true that “We don’t remember days, we remember moments” as Cesare Pavese, what better gift for  friend or family than an Artistic Collage by Raymond Mancini? Raymond carefully layers and combines multiple photos into a single visual story. These collages are a great way to tell a story without words.


Icebox Jam’s low sugar freezer jam can enhance every meal and taste fantastic at any time. Mix a little of their Pumpkin Pie jam into hot coffee for a homemade pumpkin latte. Stir some Plum Raspberry Jam into some hot tea and turn on a period drama. They’re also great as meat glazes, added to oatmeal or yogurt. Strong fruit flavors but not a lot of sugar. Be sure to try a few samples and let Icebox share their serving suggestions with you!

Find charming ceramic items with Jewish and secular themes by Olga Goldin of Gold’n Ceramics. Olga specializes in traditional Jewish ceramics, such as menorahs, dreidels, seder sets and other items. She also creates home decor items such as mirrors, vases, teapots, candlesticks and amusing sculptures. Olga finishes each handpainted piece with her trademark 24K gold accent.


Cold winter days find many of us wanting to stay indoors curled up with a warm blanket. Nanako Clothes makes soft, plush blanket coats that you’ll want to show off! Her free-flowing, versatile designs are flattering to women in every age bracket.

Do you walk around on cold days with your head uncovered because you ‘don’t like hats’? If this is you, take a look at some of the non-traditional hats by Ossi Rioux. Ossi fashions one-of-a-kind wool, cotton, velvet, satin and silk hats using her own millinery techniques.

Anytime is tea time with Carlos Silva’s colorful teacup clocks. On these shadowbox timepieces, each hour is indicated with a carefully crafted miniature teacup, teapot or other kitchenware.


If humans like gifts, it stands to reason that our four-legged friends do too! And really, who’s more grateful than our dogs? Your dog already thinks you’re amazing. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t earn his appreciation once in awhile. Some long-lasting dog chews by Acadia Antlers will keep your pup’s tail wagging for a very long time. Acadia’s dog treats are made from naturally shed Maine moose antlers. These treats are non-splintering, they’re rich in calcium and they’ll help keep your dog’s teeth clean too!


Proving that great wall art comes in many forms, Hollie Graze of Mollycat Mosaics creates delightful figurative and patterned mosaic wall art, framed mirrors and 3D sculptures using tile and glass. Get a close up look at how she uses glass, beads and shells to create the appearance of fur or fabric!