About Paper Artist Cyndi Mylynne – Sugarloaf Crafts

Learn about papermaking by Cyndi Mylynne of Double Vision Studios!

Fiber artist Cyndi Mylynne has been destroying her work time and time again. In fact, she literally beats the inspiration into her art!

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It’s all for a good cause, though. When it comes to her handmade papermaking, the more vehemence the better. Creating paper is a messy process that involves beating plant fiber into a pulp, soaking it in water, dying it and drying it out.

A self-taught artist, Cyndi enthusiastically embraced papermaking as a creative medium. Her handmade paper isn’t traditional “paper” like in notecards and stationery, but rather abstract art itself. To create unique textures and impressions, she stamps the sheets with found objects including gears and fossils. She also never presents her work behind glass, preferring to invite the public to reach out and touch her imagination.

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To make your own paper at home, you’ll need water, paper scraps, an old blender (no hand-beating required), large rectangle tub, mold & deckle, boards, towels and a bit of patience. Soak the paper scraps overnight, then run the soggy mix through the blender to make slurry. Pour the pulp into the bin (ideal size: a “bus tub” from a restaurant) until it is halfway full, then top off with water. Swirl the fibers to disperse them, then strain some sheets using a mold & deckle. You’ll then “couch” your paper by removing it from the screen and laying it on a towel, before pressing the water out with wooden boards. Then let it dry for 1-3 days.