Congrats Grads!

Stay creative in the adult world with inspiration from these 5 amazing artists! 

Congrats Grads! You’ve finished school and now it’s time to navigate the adult world. Sugarloaf wants to help you keep your creative edge by offering a little inspiration from five amazing artists that have been featured at Sugarloaf Craft Festivals.

Kathleen Small
Kathleen Small is the artist behind Small Xpressions Art Studio. Her unique paintings focus on highlighting the hidden beauty in everyday life. The self-taught painter primarily works with oil and acrylics, offering custom commission work to those that seek beauty. She also hosts painting parties to share her passion with others.


Denise Karbassi

Denise Karbassi is the founder and designer at Behind Blue Eyes, LLC. Born to a family of artists, Denise knew from a young age that she wanted to be an artist. She began honing her skills in kindergarten, excelling at art and earning the praise of her teachers. After dabbling in a variety of arts, she finally combined her water color skills on textiles creating a unique and colorful clothing line.




Andrew Nichols

Andrew Nichols is an established painter based out of New York. His contemporary designs focus on capturing the emotion and feeling of real people. He has painted celebrities, musicians, political figures and more, capturing the emotions of the moment and making statements about modern society.




Thomas Phelps
Thomas Phelps isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty. The potter works from his studio and retail space in Floyd, VA, creating some of the most unique ceramic arts of today. His signature googly-eyed clay monsters are a favorite for those with love of whimsy, but his designs also include more functional pieces such as spoon holders, mugs, vases and more. 

Jeanne Scott
Jeanne Scott-Zumwalt is the mastermind behind Gone to Pot. The collection features dozens of beautiful, yet functional ceramic home goods such as cookie jars, teapots and more. The stunning designs look equally at-home in a kitchen or in an art gallery. Scott-Zumwalt tends to mix traditional with modern, for a style that appeals to a wide range of customers.