Featured Artist Cris Coloni - Acrylic + Sharpie!

They say that the eyes are the window to the soul. “Sorrow” by Cris Coloni takes this notion to a whole new level. The breathtaking design features an eclectic blend of acrylic paint and black sharpie. The thin, crisp black lines stand out in stark contrast to the thick acrylic background, drawing the attention of the viewer to the eyes of the image. The face in the painting is depicted with its eyes closed and its brows drawn as if is about to release a tear.

The soft brown background includes swatches of red that add to the feeling of the piece. The red color is not only eye-catching and emotional, it is also reminiscent of the ruddiness associated with crying and great sadness. Details like the accent colors used in Coloni’s paintings are never insignificant and often add to the emotional undertones of the design.

Though the gender of the subject in Coloni’s powerful design is not immediately apparent, small details give clues to the viewer. A small extension on the upper right side accented with three simple black lines may be interpreted as a bun, indicating the subject is potentially female. The shape of the eyebrows and distinctive eyelashes further the design’s feminine identity and help express the underlying emotion.