Artist Focus: Textile Artist Janey Harrington

Nearly 20 years ago, artist Janey Harrington discovered a way to blend two of her passions — textile work and painting — to create stunning displays featuring hand-painted silk. Decades later, Harrington has perfected the art, creating a wide variety of unique silk crafts featuring her one-of-a-kind, painted-on pieces under the name Silk Creations by Janey. The Annapolis-based artist makes elegant and airy textiles — including scarves, shawls, head wraps and more — that use vibrant colors and shapes that mimic the appearance of watercolor or stained glass.

Almost all of Harrington’s designs are directly inspired by the Earth, with decorative elements taken from flowers, the ocean, the sky, fire, dragonflies and more. She also creates eye-catching pieces in

motifs inspired by retro themes like geometrics as well as nautical styles featuring sailboats and seascapes. Some of her creations are finished with beautiful hand-knotted fringe and three-dimensional accents to give them a detailed and ornamental appearance. You can find Silk Creations by Janey at an upcoming Sugarloaf Crafts Festival. Be sure to check the schedule to find an event near you!