Artist Spotlight - Interview with Thomas Von Koch

Learn more about Sugarloaf Craft Festival favorite Thomas Von Koch of WGK Glassart. If you don't have a collection of Thomas' work, now is the time to start! Learn more about Thomas and meet him this fall at Sugarloaf Crafts. 

Visit Thomas' website and browse his creations! 


What animal do you like creating most, and why?

I like creating the dragons because they are the most challenging but at the same time most rewarding pieces. 

You began your career as a lamp worker, and now you’re an esteemed glass blower. Tell us about your journey.

I began my career as a lamp-worker and am still a lamp-worker.  I began my apprenticeship in 1980 at one of the largest Scientific Glass manufacturers in Germany.  After the apprenticeship ended I teamed up with a fellow lamp-worker and founded in 1984 the Wertheimer Glaskunst company where we created decorative glass.  In 2007, I moved my business from Germany to the US.


Why choose the animals that you choose (birds, sea life, dogs, mythical)? 

Of course I started doing animals for which there was a demand and also according my likings.  We try to offer different animals such as Badgers, Spiders, Canada Geese etc to stand out from the normal range of animals of other lamp-workers.

Who’s your favorite artist who ever lived, and why?  

Leonardi Davinci because he was a universal artist and genius which I admire.