Artist Focus: Fine Art Photographer Kyle Wilson

Based in Clayton, NC, photographer Kyle Wilson of Left Behind Photography has a mission with every snapshot he takes: to capture the beauty of everyday objects and rarely-viewed scenes in a unique way. The fine art photographer is an expert at immortalizing rustic scenes, from abandoned trucks and sinking ships to pastoral landscapes with 100-year old structures. Despite the subject matter, Wilson’s body of work tends to have a colorful, awe-inspiring aesthetic thanks in part to his expertise in applying cutting-edge digital photography techniques. The result is seemingly simple scene that tells a dramatic narrative.

Wilson uses HDR — high-dynamic range imaging — which are colorful and bright, giving the appearance of a painting. The juxtaposition between Wilson’s aging subject matters (rusty vehicles and abandoned structures, for example) and the modern technique make Wilson’s photographs truly unique. The award-winning photographer sells his work at Sugarloaf Craft Festivals as well as various art shows throughout Georgia, Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee and Ohio. Make sure to stop by his booth at an upcoming Sugarloaf show to see his photographs in person! And don’t forget to explore more photographers represented at Sugarloaf Craft Festivals.