Meet Fine Artist Tracy Levesque!

Tracy Levesque developed a deep love for nature while growing up surrounded by trees in the Berkshires in Western, MA.  Observing the way the trees changed with the seasons provided a lot of inspiration for her painting. She’ll often spend hours alone in nature working on landscape paintings, but she said this doesn’t make her feel lonely at all. Instead, she feels like nature is her collaborator so she isn’t really alone during these sessions.


She sometimes describes the style of her paintings as ‘fairy tale realism’ because she says, “if you were living in a fairy tale world, it would look like one of my paintings.” When she paints, she is trying to lift the viewer up and out of this world. She hopes the viewer has the feeling that “it is just you and nature.”

Not surprisingly many of her customers are nature lovers too. Some of her most popular works are the ones she has done of Walden Pond. Other favorites are the sunsets she captures in North and South Carolina where she catches sunsets with “really cool streaks of color.” She says she’ll often hear shoppers say that a particular painting reminds them of a time or place they remember from childhood.

She finds that telling a story through two mediums results in a more interesting texture. Levesque partnered with a glass sculptor to illustrate the story of a fairy tale she wrote. When time allows, she would like to do another collaboration about the Twelve Olympians of Greek mythology.

Although landscapes are her primary focus, she also takes orders for portraits of people and animals. She’ll ask the buyer for multiple photos of the subject so she can get the colors right and get a sense of the personality.

She’s a firm believer that original art should be accessible to all so she creates originals in a range of sizes to accommodate everyone’s budget. She also sells jigsaw puzzles and coasters with prints of her paintings.

Stop by Tracy’s booth at an upcoming Sugarloaf Crafts Festival and step into one of her fairy tale worlds yourself!

When she isn’t on the road for a show, Tracy Levesque works out of her Lowell, MA studio.