Couples Who Craft - Meet the "Perfect Duo"!

In any small business, work can quickly consume the rest of your life. But Sugarloaf artists Cindy and Mark Slotnick of Perfect Duo LLC have figured out a way to keep things in balance.

When they aren’t handcrafting beautiful jewelry, Cindy and Mark are often on stage as lead singers in either their acoustic group or their rock and roll band.

When Cindy retired from teaching a few years ago she took a class in Viking Knit wire weaving. The homework assignment was to make a few inches of chain using the Viking Knit technique. But Cindy kept on weaving and came back to class with a finished piece. After that, she looked to YouTube videos for more inspiration and began experimenting with her own ideas.

When Cindy realized she needed help with her jewelry making, she had the perfect assistant already in house. This was just the nudge Mark needed to retire from his day job as a pharmacist.

At art and craft festivals, Mark often spends the entire day making chains with the Viking Knit weave. Cindy says, “He’s my eye candy.” In her studio, Cindy designs and weaves the setting for each piece, which takes anywhere from two to ten hours per pendant.

Lifelong Musicians

Mark played music throughout his youth and he actually almost landed a recording contract with a major record label!

However, plans changed when his father passed away. His mother told him he was going to college or the grave!  Mark put music aside and went to school to be a pharmacist.

A few years later when Mark and Cindy met, they quickly bonded over their mutual interest in sports and music. In 2004, they started a 6 piece rock and roll band with some of Mark’s old band members. And later, they formed a 3 piece acoustic group.

This couple has no reason to choose between art and music. It’s their perfect duo.