Q & A with Lucy’s Toys - Meet Lucy Moore!

Q & A with Lucy’s Toys - Get to Know Lucy Moore!

Lucy’s Toys is an Alabama-based family business which makes gorgeous, silky soft blankets, pillows and women’s vests as well as kid-pleasing stuffed animals and puppets. All items are made using man-made fur.

Say anything you want about Lucy’s blankets and toys, but don’t say she didn’t make them herself! She occasionally encounters a customer who thinks she buys her products overseas and re-sells them.

Lucy Moore of Lucy’s Toys has doing craft shows for 52 years!

Q:  How did you get started making these blankets and toys?

A:  I learned to sew from my mother who made me learn to sew.

Q: Who is behind the scenes at Lucy’s Toys?

A: It’s me, my husband, my son, Tom, and daughter, Diana. Diana does all the blanket designs. She can’t make a dog design and make it look like it’s going to jump off the bed. Tom does all the cutting and the paperwork. He’s a perfectionist.

Q: What material do you use to make your blankets and toys?

A: It’s a man-made fur made from a polyester blend. We’ve been using the same supplier for 52 years. We buy 6 colors of fur in lots of 1000 yards each which gives us a great discount.

Q: What are your best selling items?

A: The sloth is the most popular. After that the wooly mammoth is next. Dinosaurs are big too. (They  also have turtles, bunny rabbits, bears, elephants, giraffes, ponies, unicorns and more!)

Q: Some of your stuff animals are quite large aren’t they?

A: The largest is 4’ wide by 6’ long. They’re not the kind of thing that sits on a shelf. Children roll on them, play on them and sleep on them. They’re almost as big as the top of a double bed!

Q: How is it that your toys and blankets last so long? (See testimonials on their website from people who’ve had a blanket for 30 years or more!)

A: It’s the quality of the fur and the thread. We use the same kind of thread used in blue jeans. Also, if anything happens like the dog chews a hole it in, we’ll fix it and bring it or ship it back to you. I have one customer who had seven 6 foot toy animals, all different ones. We’re unstuffing them, washing them and re-stuffing them so they’ll look like new.
One woman thought I bought them overseas and re-sell them! But we do all the work here.I’m in the shop every day at 5:30 a.m. until 7 or 8:00 pm. This is all I want to do. I’m spoiled. We’re not getting rich, but life is not about money. It’s about doing what you love and having a good time doing it.

Q: Do you take special requests?

A: Oh yeah. We’ll make anything you ask us to make. Chances are whatever animal someone asks for we’ve already made it. We do all our own patterns. I never throw a pattern away. Someone recently ordered a rhinoceros.
Last year we designed a bear for the Welcome Center at the national park in Gatlinburg. They ordered 200 bears.