Where Do Sugarloaf Artists Come From? Near and Far!

You might have wondered - where do the hundreds of Sugarloaf artists come from?  

Many are from the mid-Atlantic region where Sugarloaf Crafts Festivals are held and others come from further afield. Most are U.S. based but we have some Canadians and even some Europeans, too! When you meet Sugarloaf's artists this fall, be sure to ask them where they're from! 


Shandor Madjar of Madjar Designs/Art Silver makes one of a kind sterling silver pendants, rings, necklaces and bracelets working out of his home studio in Colorado Springs, CO. Many of his jewelry pieces have moveable parts so the user can change the look from day to day. He has created a line of rings with a hinge opening to make them easier for arthritis sufferers to wear.

jonathan leon.jpg


Jonathan Leon of Lolipop Glass makes glass blown jewelry in Val-David, a small village north of Montreal,  Canada. His pieces are made from borosilicate Pyrex glass, an exceptionally strong, transparent glass. His nature inspired designs are extremely resilient and lightweight.


Zsuzsanna Luciano is originally from Budapest, Hungary. While she now makes her home in New Jersey, she frequently travels to Europe and to significant sites around the U.S. seeking inspiring photo shoots. Her photographs often look three dimensional allowing the viewer to feel as if they, too, have traveled to exotic destinations.


Callie Miller of Q. Miller Handmade Jewelry uses soldering and stamping techniques to turn red brass, sterling, copper and pewter metals into uniquely rustic jewelry pieces. She stamps primitive symbols and patterns into the metal and embellishes each item with semi-precious stones, glass and beads.



Mary Maguire and Eric Jaeger of Wisakon Woods make perfectly crafted cutting boards, cribbage boards and other woodcraft items in their Manassas, VA woodcraft business. Mary works in the business full time since she retired from the military in 2012. Her husband is still on active duty in the U.S. army.


Victoria Heisler of Discovery Bay, CA creates decorative and functional painted ceramic items, fused glass wall art, glass mosaics and oil and acrylic paintings.


Ray Dennis of Nature’s Creations lives and creates in Rockville, MD, just one town away from Sugarloaf’s Gaithersburg show. Using a copper electroforming technique he creates metallic jewelry pieces from interesting leaves, flower petals and other natural growth he finds in his world travels. His jewelry might be modeled on grape leaves from California or French wine country, aspen leaves from the Rockies or the leaves of a bodhi tree in Angkor Wat, Cambodia.



Alice Calhoun of Copper Curls Sculpture LLC, creates indoor and outdoor dancing fairy and mermaid sculptures in her Hermann, MO studio. She began creating miniature worlds filled with imaginary creatures as a child growing up in storytelling rich southern culture. Her sculptures come with detachable copper poles for easy garden installation. She says they look especially magical in garden settings where the copper metal contrasts with the greenery around it.