NEW Artist Preview!

Sugarloaf Welcomes New Artists!

Many Sugarloaf artists have been showing their work at Sugarloaf Crafts Festivals for years and are friends with their regular customers. But we also have new artists joining all the time!


In today’s post, we want to highlight some of our new artists. Meet them during the Sugarloaf Crafts Festival Fall Tour! 

Dawn Ferguson of Ferguson Pottery makes handpainted functional pottery items that will delight your family and friends. Her products are designed to enhance all kinds of special celebrations. Growing up as one of eight siblings, she learned to love large gatherings with food. In 2015, the National Council for Education of the Ceramic Arts named her Outstanding K-12 Ceramic Educator.


Firehouse Donuts features donuts made with the secret family recipe of former fireman and EMT Kevin Carney. For many years, Kevin made these donuts only for his firehouse’s annual fundraiser. They were so popular, he teamed up with his brother to start a business. The donuts come in four delicious flavors: plain, powdered sugar, cinnamon and chocolate frosting.


Aleksey Ostatnigrosh of Gromel Snowboards has been experimenting with design and construction of the perfect snowboard since he was a teenager living in Russia. Today his Ohio-based company makes custom built snowboards from laminated ash wood covered with rare wood veneers.

Danny Polk of Grateful Gathers Glass is one of our newest makers of glass blown art.He creates stunning decorative and functional bowls, vases and paperweights that will add pizzazz and fascination to any environment. Backyard bird lovers should take a look at his hummingbird feeders.


Kimberly Wilcox is a self-taught sculptor and painter who explores the human form in both mediums. She has been creating sculpture since she was a young child and began revealing her own distinctive style at 3 or 4 years old.


Jim Nonas is a high school science teacher who proves that scientists can make great art. Take a look at the astounding collage images he creates using just old magazines and glue. We think Van Gogh would be proud!


Jewelry artist, Elissa Warder, developed an appreciation of the patterns and textures of gemstones while working at the Veberod Gem Gallery in Minneapolis. Her pieces incorporate freshwater pearls, gemstones, Swarovski crystals and precious metals in distinctive designs that highlight the natural beauty of the stones.


Megan Smith of NobleSmith Design creates fanciful toys for children and adults. She combines bamboo fleece and velour with top quality quilting fabric to make dinosaurs, ponies and winged horses. And for the more eccentric customer, she also makes walking and flying eyeballs, gargoyles and more.


Michelle Thompson of Shabby Girl Creations makes faith-inspired artwork with acrylic paintings and paint and paper collages paired with inspirational messages.