Handmade Fall Fashions at Sugarloaf Crafts


Thanks to Sugarloaf artists, handmade art does not have to stay on the wall or the shelf. Our talented jewelry, leather and textile artists have created stunning, versatile clothing, jewelry and accessories that you can wear in your day to day life.

Our talented designers and artisans have been hard at work to dress you well this fall. Be sure to stop by Sugarloaf Craft Festivals to add some fun and fashionable clothing and accessories to your wardrobe! 

Tess Coburn and Gary Temple of Crown Coats make smart, spunky jackets called Shazers, because they are a cross between a shirt and a blazer. Their jackets and vests are made from luxurious Italian bamboo, silk, wool and cashmere and crafted with uncompromising attention to detail.

Jackets by Denise Karbassi of Behind Blue Eyes Design are said to have the “It” factor. People can’t take their eyes off them! She turns her hand dyed and painted fabrics into dreamy looking jackets and blazers in a dozen different styles to suit every look. Denise makes it her mission to make clothes that fit women’s realistic proportions.

Mia Tyson of Living Out Loud With Mia creates limited edition capes, knee length coats, tunic shirts and jackets in cashmere, felted wool and cashmere/wool blends. Her needle felted designs, asymmetrical patterns and tapered hems make for artful, streamlined garments.

Sawinee Khamhanphol of Mod Clothing designs figure flattering tops, dresses, ponchos, vests and sweaters from high quality jersey knit fabrics and cotton blends. Her designs are expertly tailored to compliment women’s natural curves and shapes.


Lucile Martin’s fine jewelry is made with 18K and 14K gold, sterling silver and fine silver combined with precious and semi-precious gemstones and pearls for embellishment. Lucile came up with her own special techniques to bring out the subtleties and shimmer of each stone. The softer quality of fine silver is what her to create the more fluid, refined designs her customers have come to appreciate. Fine silver also does not tarnish the way sterling silver does.

Top off your favorite ensemble with a glamorous hair ornament by Melanie Moore of Melanie Moore’s Designs. She makes elegant French Twist Combs, hair sticks and Snoods. A snood is an old fashioned fabric netting hair accessory that was popular in the 1940’s and earlier. You might have noticed them in movies like Gone with the Wind, Little Women and Evita.

Lisa and Louis Strauss of Col de Mar are introducing their new line of accessories made from sea leather, an eco-friendly material derived from tilapia pelts. Their colorful card cases, handbags, coin purses and accessory cases have an appealing natural texture and timeless look. They also make polished stainless steel bracelets with magnetic closures.


Carin Willis’ Happi Sac just might be the bag you’ve been looking for. Her leather and suede accessory bags hold everything you need while on the go. Removable key charms help you keep your keys handy. The bags have a simple loop closure which keeps your items secure and you happy!

Christopher Lambert of CRL Pursuits realized men are often forgotten in the accessories department so he decided to remedy that by creating tie ornaments for men. His gold and silver-plated tie ornaments clip onto the tie at the top and the metal design wraps around the tie and holds it in place. Christopher makes a number of interesting designs and he also does custom orders.