What Do Shoppers Say About Sugarloaf?

Here on the Sugarloaf team we’re always ready to tell you why our handcrafting artists create the best artwork and specialty foods around. Sugarloaf shows provide some of the best shopping opportunities for art collectors and lovers of handmade goods and we want to share that with you!

But we figured, maybe we’re a little biased.

So we thought we’d share what satisfied Sugarloaf shoppers had to say at our spring and fall 2016 shows.  

“I love Sugarloaf Craft Festivals because I can meet the artists and hear their story. I know each of the artists whose work I’ve bought from Sugarloaf. I know each piece is made with love…now my whole house is full of love!”

Evy Edelman of Designs by Evy makes 22 K gold and silver jewelry using pearls and stones sourced from Bangkok and Hong Kong. To explain how she feels about sending her handmade jewelry out into the world, Evy says, “It’s like my child. I love it and I want the person who buys it to love it just as much as I do.” She feels like each piece is waiting for its true owner to find it.

“My daughter has one of their vultures (known as Lord Vulturmort). It was almost as big as she was when we got it 3 years ago. Today it is just as loved as ever.” (Lucy’s Toys)

Lucy’s Toys makes kid-tested stuffed animals and puppets in a variety of sizes. Their 6 foot long oversized animals (bears, rabbits, sloths, wooly mammoths, ponies, rhinoceros, unicorns) are so durable, they last for years. Lucy says “Kids roll on them, play on them and sleep on them. They’re as big as the top of a double bed.”
If you don’t see your favorite animal at the show, just ask! Lucy says they’ll make any animal a customer requests. And with 52 years of making behind her, she’s probably made one at least once!

We had such a good time this year! Purchased my lovely tote bag from Carole Kyle plus one as a gift for my daughter, then some beautiful photo prints on metal backing, a great 3-D wooden lighted replica of Penn State stadium and my lavender exfoliating scrub I get every year. All the artists that participate at Sugarloaf have their own specialties and everything you see is made of great quality and is worth every penny!
Mary K.

Carole Kyle makes functional and fashionable women’s handbags in styles so original, friends and strangers will be asking about them. Her bags come in a variety of botanical and geometric prints made from high quality, stain-resistant, upholstery grade fabric. With lots of pockets and reinforced construction, they are as practical as they are beautiful!

Great show, enjoyed all the food samples and glass blowing demonstration.
Meghan M.

Thomas Von Koch of WGK Glass Art regularly offers onsite glassblowing demonstrations at many of our shows. He and his team create hundreds of land and sea animals in vibrant color and vivid detail. Want to know what his favorite thing to make is? Dragons!
These charming creatures come in all sizes, from cute zoo animals the size of a nickel to large flying birds, dragons and other creatures.

Arnold Nesbitt made these beautiful bookcases for me, in solid oak with walnut decorative trim. I ordered them at last year's Spring show, confirmed the measurements by email afterwards, and he delivered them to my home on his way to the Oaks Sugarloaf the next November. I had to give him specific dimensions for the bookcases, substantially enlarging them over his floor samples in order for them to house my father's book collection, and yet he did not raise their price. These were truly a custom set. 
Lorrie Cohen on FB

Arnold Nesbitt makes top quality household furniture out of oak, cherry, maple, walnut, pine and other beautiful wood. He also embodies the handmade artist mentality: deliver quality craftsmanship that  delights the customer and top it off with superb customer service!