Custom Design Your Dream Jewels, at Sugarloaf Crafts!


Sharon Teaman doesn’t just accommodate custom requests. She practically savors them! With many years of jewelry making behind her, she’s noticed that many customers don’t realize how many options they have for refitting or repurposing diamonds and other stones. She loves forming personal connections with her customers, hearing their stories about family heirlooms and such and then explaining to them all the choices they have.

She had one retired couple who each had diamonds they’d inherited from their mothers and they wanted both diamonds incorporated into new custom designed pieces.

The woman wanted a diamond from her mother’s brooch made into an engagement band. Her partner brought his mother’s diamond to have it set in a ring custom made for him. Sharon was even able to recycle some of the gold from his mother’s ring into the new one. The man was very sentimental about his mother so she was especially happy that she could help him this way.


Sharon’s daughter, Chloe, uses her degree in gemology to help her mother with marketing and rebranding for the digital era.

Chloe says it was only after getting her degree that she realized the extent of her mother’s skill at finding the best stone specimens. Sharon’s stones are not the typical inventory of gems that many jewelers have. “She seeks out the best specimens on the market.”

While a lot of jewelry is now made by computers, Sharon is proud to say hers is “made by hand and heart.” Chloe hears big name designers like Tiffany, David German and others comment that handmade jewelry is still better than CAD/CAM designs because computers can not create the same organic lines that the human hand can.

Chloe notices that customers are always surprised how comfortable and ergonomic Sharon’s rings are. She measures the person’s hand so well that even rings with large stones feel quite comfortable.


Even if you’re just curious about having a custom made jewelry, stop by Sharon’s booth at Sugarloaf Crafts Festival. Mother and daughter love talking about jewelry and gems anytime, anywhere!

And you just might come away with a few options you didn’t know you had!