Sugarloaf Crafts’ Fall ‘18 Tour - Applications Due Jan. 15th!

The time is now to apply to Sugarloaf’s Fall 2018 Tour! Join a creative community and be part of the best festivals in the business.


What Sets Sugarloaf Craft Festivals Apart?


Charlene Randolph of ClayFormed Artworks says Sugarloaf is her favorite show for a couple of reasons.

She says, “I don’t like the politics of high art. I like being with everyday people. I love seeing people go home with something they’re delighted with.”

From her perspective as a business owner, she feels that an established show like Sugarloaf is “nice to get you on a career track.”

When other artists say that juried shows like Sugarloaf are too expensive, she responds “At the high school shows you don’t make any money. You get what you pay for!”

Reach an Appreciative Audience!


As a Sugarloaf artist, you’ll meet shoppers who genuinely appreciate the value of handmade work and want to support this tradition!

...I went this week for the first time and absolutely LOVED it. I ended up going two days in a row because there was so much to see. There is plenty of jewelry (both mid range and expensive) print and canvas art, unique clothing, pottery, carvings, organic cosmetics, teas and even delicious homemade foods and dog treats.

I absolutely LOVE supporting American artisans and I think its really important that we support our small businesses in this country, even if it means paying a little more. The quality is exceptional and the styles are unique -- far better than buying a bunch of typical crap from China in my books.  (Amira Z. on Yelp)

Want More Info?

Still have questions? Take a look at the Artist section on our site. Learn about the Sugarloaf Advantage.

January 15th is the deadline to apply for all of our Fall 2018 shows. So don’t wait! Apply online now!