Sugarloaf feat. on BRAVO TV's Manzo'd with Children - WATCH 9/25 9/8c + Discounted TIx

Get excited! Sugarloaf is featured on Bravo at 9/8c SUNDAY 9/25 for an episode of Manzo’d with Children. Bravo reality TV star Caroline Manzo “takes her soap making hobby to the major leagues at NJ’s Sugarloaf Craft Festival, where she quickly realizes that she is in way over her head.” You’ll recognize some of your favorite artists, including Sugarloaf favorites Terrianne Taylor’s Pretty Baby Naturals and metal sculptor Daniel Riccio. Who else do you see??


We’re excited for the opportunity to showcase the fine work of Sugarloaf Crafts Exhibitors and hope you’ll tune in to watch. With the Sugarloaf Crafts Festival Fall Tour launching in just 2 WEEKS, you won’t have to watch for long! Plan to join in the fun and buy your discounted tickets now!

See you soon, on the screen and in real life!