Did You Miss Roxanne Parent at Chantilly? Check out 5 of her best pieces here!

Check out 5 of Roxanne Parent’s Best Pieces! 

Hailing from the quaint town of Conway, Massachusetts, Roxanne Parent is one of Sugarloaf Craft's talented potters that’s made a name for herself thanks to her beautiful, handcrafted creations. Working out of her own studio — appropriately dubbed Roxie’ Studio — she whips up one-off pottery and ceramics that trace her growth as an artist over the years. With more than 28 years around kilns and pottery wheels, she puts her unique stamp on every piece that exits her studio. And five of her most breathtaking pieces are showcased here for your viewing pleasure.

For those attending a Sugarloaf Festival where this artist will be featured, you can expect to find Roxanne Parent’s signature style on vases, bowls, plates, pitchers and more. The delicate designs are at-home anywhere, and truly embody the artist’s sensibilities. You can find out more about Roxanne Parent by checking out her website.

Here are 5 of Roxanne's best designs. Which is your favorite?