Take an unforgettable Journey with Painter Smadar Livne!

Take an unforgettable Journey with Painter Smadar Livne – Sugarloaf Craft Festivals

Israeli artist Smadar Livne aspires to inject happiness and good energy into the world around her through her art. Her extensive education in fine art, architecture and literature from Israel’s Haifa University and degree in philosophy from Baltimore Hebrew University shine through in her exceptional mixed media works. Viewing one of Smadar’s paintings, fiber sculptures, wall hangings or tapestry collages takes the viewer on an emotional and philosophical journey they won’t soon forget.

Many of Smadar’s pieces feature poems, short stories and philosophical observations that add another dimension to her art. These nontraditional additions encourage viewers to take pause and consider the deeper meaning behind each painting. The works of art also feature bold color schemes that are meant to capture the attention and imagination of the observer.

Smadar Livne draws inspiration from her three daughters and is continually challenged to grow and improve by her mother. She creates her beautiful pieces at her studio in her hometown of Owings Mills, Md. Smadar regularly participates in Sugarloaf Craft Festivals where you can see her artwork firsthand and find out what deeper meaning you derive. If you’re feeling particularly inspired, you can even purchase one and add it to your own art collection.