Custom Design Your Dream Jewels, at Sugarloaf Crafts!


Sharon Teaman doesn’t just accommodate custom requests. She practically savors them! With many years of jewelry making behind her, she’s noticed that many customers don’t realize how many options they have for refitting or repurposing diamonds and other stones. She loves forming personal connections with her customers, hearing their stories about family heirlooms and such and then explaining to them all the choices they have.

She had one retired couple who each had diamonds they’d inherited from their mothers and they wanted both diamonds incorporated into new custom designed pieces.

The woman wanted a diamond from her mother’s brooch made into an engagement band. Her partner brought his mother’s diamond to have it set in a ring custom made for him. Sharon was even able to recycle some of the gold from his mother’s ring into the new one. The man was very sentimental about his mother so she was especially happy that she could help him this way.


Sharon’s daughter, Chloe, uses her degree in gemology to help her mother with marketing and rebranding for the digital era.

Chloe says it was only after getting her degree that she realized the extent of her mother’s skill at finding the best stone specimens. Sharon’s stones are not the typical inventory of gems that many jewelers have. “She seeks out the best specimens on the market.”

While a lot of jewelry is now made by computers, Sharon is proud to say hers is “made by hand and heart.” Chloe hears big name designers like Tiffany, David German and others comment that handmade jewelry is still better than CAD/CAM designs because computers can not create the same organic lines that the human hand can.

Chloe notices that customers are always surprised how comfortable and ergonomic Sharon’s rings are. She measures the person’s hand so well that even rings with large stones feel quite comfortable.


Even if you’re just curious about having a custom made jewelry, stop by Sharon’s booth at Sugarloaf Crafts Festival. Mother and daughter love talking about jewelry and gems anytime, anywhere!

And you just might come away with a few options you didn’t know you had!

Crafts in the Family!

Not every young adult wants to pursue their parents’ profession, but for many handcraft artists it works just fine! Today we’re featuring two Sugarloaf families who’ve found ways to make it work.


Paul and Irma Miller started their furniture business, IP Designs, 33 years ago when their children were 1, 3 and 5 years old. After just one arts and crafts show, Paul left a secure engineering job to make furniture full time. Although their family thought they were taking a big risk, they felt it was the right move and have never regretted it.

During their children’s primary school years, Paul and Irma took a 10 or 12 year break from doing arts & craft shows. This made it possible for their children to participate in school sports and other activities.

All their children are grown now and their youngest son, Ryan, works full time alongside his father. Paul says that Ryan will sometimes encourage him to take it a little easier and let Ryan handle the harder physical tasks. Paul jokes that Ryan is anticipating his father’s retirement and “He smells blood in the water!”

Paul started his furniture business making just chairs and over time he’s added tables and other items in response to customers’ needs. He credits Irma for keeping abreast of the latest trends in furniture design such as popular colors and patterns, so that their line is current with what’s selling. Their new island table design is quite popular and Paul said Irma designed it from the ground up.

Ryan’s wife, Lexie, uses her Marketing degree from Penn State to promote the business. She set up their website a few years ago.

Daughter, Brandy, worked in the business for 18 years and nowadays helps out with pet and home care while her parents travel to shows. Her 19 year-old son, Freddie, has been working in the shop for the last 2 years. He makes many of their tables.  

In their booth at Sugarloaf Crafts Festivals, they have a family photo of the whole gang!


Callie Miller got her start with craft shows younger than most handcraft artists. She started working in her mom’s jewelry business when she was 11 years old to earn money so she could be on the ski team.

For the next 3 years, her main task was to hammer thousands of tiny tick marks for edging on her mom’s jewelry pieces. Callie enjoyed the upbeat atmosphere in the studio and credits this early work experience for teaching her how to interact well with adults.

But this inside view of the rigors of running a craft business convinced her she’d rather do something else with her own life. However, by the time she was an adult, she started to enjoy the challenges and complexity of running an indie business.

Callie and Marcia worked well together and prior to Marcia’s retirement, they ran Q. Miller Handmade Jewelry as full partners for 12 years. Callie says sharing the same business goals helped them work through any conflicts. They realized they had to communicate well and clear the air quickly so tension did not build up in the studio.

Callie runs the business as a solo operation now while Marcia is enjoying the beach in Hawaii and riding horses in Montana. But Callie knows that she can always call on her mother to act as a sounding board about new jewelry designs or other issues.

And Callie is extremely grateful to her mother for teaching her all aspects of running a small arts and crafts business.

Stop by and say hello at the next Sugarloaf Crafts Festival!




Sugarloaf Spring Tour Preview


Spring may seem like a long way off right now but before you know it, it will be here! Our artists often use this time of year for deep creative work while also enjoying a break from traveling to shows.

Grab a cup of something warm (hot cocoa, maybe?) and have a peek at upcoming Sugarloaf Craft Festivals. A leisurely scroll through our New Artists section might spark some great gift ideas for spring weddings, bridal showers, graduations, Mother’s Day and other occasions.

In case you haven’t penciled in the important dates on your calendar yet, here is our Spring 2018 Tour:

MARCH 2, 3, 4, 2018

MARCH 16, 17, 18, 2018

MARCH 23, 24, 25, 2018

APRIL 20, 21, 22, 2018

APRIL 27, 28, 29, 2018


We kick off the spring season at a new Central New Jersey location, the NJ Convention and Expo Center in Edison. You might also notice that the Chantilly show is much later than previous years.

We’ll be sharing some interesting artist stories in the weeks ahead. Stay tuned to find out how John Keats’ “Ode On A Grecian Urn” inspired one Sugarloaf artist to choose his craft. Meet the self-taught artist who left a successful career in the Justice Department to become a full-time artist. Learn about a Chinese artist who practices a centuries-old tradition of extracting plant dye from indigo plants.


All this and more, coming up soon!

As always, our spring shows will include many live artist demonstrations of paper making, glass blowing, metal spinning, wood carving and other arts. We’ll also have live music and an interactive children’s theatre by Middle Earth Studios.

We hope your year is off to a great start! We can’t wait to see you in the months ahead.Until then, stay warm!

Sugarloaf Crafts’ Fall ‘18 Tour - Applications Due Jan. 15th!

The time is now to apply to Sugarloaf’s Fall 2018 Tour! Join a creative community and be part of the best festivals in the business.


What Sets Sugarloaf Craft Festivals Apart?


Charlene Randolph of ClayFormed Artworks says Sugarloaf is her favorite show for a couple of reasons.

She says, “I don’t like the politics of high art. I like being with everyday people. I love seeing people go home with something they’re delighted with.”

From her perspective as a business owner, she feels that an established show like Sugarloaf is “nice to get you on a career track.”

When other artists say that juried shows like Sugarloaf are too expensive, she responds “At the high school shows you don’t make any money. You get what you pay for!”

Reach an Appreciative Audience!


As a Sugarloaf artist, you’ll meet shoppers who genuinely appreciate the value of handmade work and want to support this tradition!

...I went this week for the first time and absolutely LOVED it. I ended up going two days in a row because there was so much to see. There is plenty of jewelry (both mid range and expensive) print and canvas art, unique clothing, pottery, carvings, organic cosmetics, teas and even delicious homemade foods and dog treats.

I absolutely LOVE supporting American artisans and I think its really important that we support our small businesses in this country, even if it means paying a little more. The quality is exceptional and the styles are unique -- far better than buying a bunch of typical crap from China in my books.  (Amira Z. on Yelp)

Want More Info?

Still have questions? Take a look at the Artist section on our site. Learn about the Sugarloaf Advantage.

January 15th is the deadline to apply for all of our Fall 2018 shows. So don’t wait! Apply online now!

Fall 2018 Tour - Applications Due Jan. 15th!

The time is now to apply to Sugarloaf’s Fall 2018 Tour! Join a creative community and be part of the best festivals in the business.


What Sets Sugarloaf Craft Festivals Apart?

Charlene Randolph of ClayFormed Artworks says Sugarloaf is her favorite show for a couple of reasons.

She says, “I don’t like the politics of high art. I like being with everyday people. I love seeing people go home with something they’re delighted with.”

From her perspective as a business owner, she feels that an established show like Sugarloaf is “nice to get you on a career track.”

When other artists say that juried shows like Sugarloaf are too expensive, she responds “At the high school shows you don’t make any money. You get what you pay for!”


Reach an Appreciative Audience!

As a Sugarloaf artist, you’ll meet shoppers who genuinely appreciate the value of handmade work and want to support this tradition!

...I went this week for the first time and absolutely LOVED it. I ended up going two days in a row because there was so much to see. There is plenty of jewelry (both mid range and expensive) print and canvas art, unique clothing, pottery, carvings, organic cosmetics, teas and even delicious homemade foods and dog treats.

I absolutely LOVE supporting American artisans and I think its really important that we support our small businesses in this country, even if it means paying a little more. The quality is exceptional and the styles are unique -- far better than buying a bunch of typical crap from China in my books. (Amira Z. on Yelp)

Want More Info?

Still have questions? Take a look at the Artist section on our site. Learn about the Sugarloaf Advantage.

January 15th is the deadline to apply for all of our Fall 2018 shows. So don’t wait! Apply online now!

Happy New Year! Sugarloaf Crafts’ 2018 Preview + How to Apply

Happy New Year!

We’re looking forward to another exciting year featuring the finest handmade work!


Spring 2018 Schedule

Make note of the dates for our Spring 2018 shows - add them to your calendar to save the date!

We’ll kick off the spring season at the NJ Expo and Convention Center, our new venue in Edison, NJ. Also, our spring Chantilly show is now March 23-25!

MARCH 2, 3, 4, 2018

MARCH 16, 17, 18, 2018

MARCH 23, 24, 25, 2018

APRIL 20, 21, 22, 2018

APRIL 27, 28, 29, 2018

The Edison, Oaks, Chantilly and Timonium shows are all indoors - so no matter what the weather, you’ll have a great time taking in the artwork of hundreds of carefully selected artists and specialty food sellers.

See live demonstrations of artists at work, sample delectable treats and enjoy live music and children’s theatre. These 3-day festivals are a treat for the entire family!

Join Sugarloaf!

If you’ve been thinking about joining Sugarloaf as an exhibitor, 2018 could be your year! The deadline for applications for our Fall 2018 shows is coming up in just a few weeks.

We have 13 categories of work, including a miscellaneous category for artwork which doesn’t fit the traditional categories. Read more about our categories here.

The sooner you submit your application, the better your chances of acceptance since we limit the number of artists in each category.

Apply online using our convenient web form or through Zapplication.

We’ll be sharing some sneak previews and featuring individual artist in future posts, so stay tuned!


Happy Holidays to everyone!

Finally the wrapping, traveling and holiday planning are behind us! Hopefully you’re already gathering together with family and friends, as we are too.

And maybe you or someone in your brood will find some handmade art under the Christmas tree! Whether you’re the giver, the recipient (or both) of handcrafted artwork, we know you treasure our community of independent artists who make their living by making art. And we thank you for that!


As we close out the year, we’d like to share a few more comments from recent Sugarloaf shoppers:

The festivals are so much fun to attend, and the artists are one of a kind. Everything there is unique and inspiring! I love how they support small artists and go out of their way to provide guests with a fun filled atmosphere. (Jax S.)

Sugarloaf is a great time. We go out of our way every year to make it to their events. The pieces and artwork we've collected over the years are really high quality and stand the test of time. My wife now insists on doing most of our holiday shopping here. (Travis J.)

It’s always nice when Sugarloaf shoppers appreciate the level of artistry our crafters put into their work:

I loved how skilled each artisan was. I'm a grad student pursuing my MFA and have great respect for craftsman. This was an amazing collection of excellent work. (Elizabeth A.)

As the year draws to a close and we all take some time to look backwards in review and forwards in anticipation of all the good things to come, please remember that we here at Sugarloaf Crafts Festival are all extremely grateful for everyone in the Sugarloaf family!

Happy Holidays!

Apply to Sugarloaf Fall 2018 Tour!


With a busy fall/holiday show season wrapping up, many of you are looking forward to some well-deserved downtime during the winter months.

However, we know that many of you are artists too and received a lot of creative inspiration from seeing the work of other artists. If you’re a member of the maker community, or want to be, this is the perfect time to submit your application for Sugarloaf’s Fall 2018 tour!

With a consistently high caliber and variety of handmade work across many mediums, Sugarloaf Craft Festivals rank as one of the choicest arts and crafts festivals in the United States. Our shows average approximately 10,000 visitors at each event - talk about a great opportunity to meet new customers face to face!


Sugarloaf artists quickly grow a devoted following as area residents look forward to our spring and fall tours. Shoppers appreciate the quality craftsmanship that goes into handmade work as well as the originality of your work. Some customers drive hours to buy from their favorite artists!

A hallmark of the Sugarloaf experience is the friendly, supportive community spirit and family-like atmosphere. You’ll enjoy continuous support both from Sugarloaf Crafts Festival staff and other artists appearing alongside you. At each show, you’ll meet new kindred spirits and re-connect with others, forming long lasting bonds.

In addition to a strong artist community, Sugarloaf offers additional marketing resources and exhibitor perks. Returning exhibitors frequently praise our organization and helpfulness. With over 40 years of art and craft festival organization behind us, we have learned what works!

Learn more about the distinct advantage of being a Sugarloaf artist!

vonkoch-thomas (12).jpg

Don’t miss this exceptional opportunity! Use our easy online application here! If you prefer, you can apply by mail.

Do you still have questions about exhibiting at Sugarloaf Crafts Festivals? Check out our FAQ page or call us at 301-990-1400.

Fall 17 Tour Highlights!

Now that our Fall season is wrapping up, it’s time to take a few deep breaths as we look back on all that happened over the last few months.


We’re overjoyed that so many art lovers around the mid-Atlantic came out to meet our artists and choose their artwork as gifts for friends and family. We’ve also enjoyed welcoming many new artists to the Sugarloaf family.

More than anything though, we’re inspired by the comments you share with us after you’ve been to a show. We’d like to share some of our favorites from recent months.

Sugarloaf has been around for years. It is a delight each and every year. It is full of wonderful independent artists who are experts in their fields. I've seen the same artists return semi-annually as the festival moves from place to place and returns in the Spring and the Fall. I've also seen new artists with exciting and diverse goods each time. Can't say enough about the joy of seeing the creativity. There are potters, woodworkers, printers, painters, fabric artists and leather craftsmen. I love Christmas shopping at the Show. Can't recommend it enough!” Helena A.D.

File Mar 24, 11 43 23 AM.jpeg

Sometimes it’s hard to remember to put down those digital devices. But a day or two at a Sugarloaf Crafts Festival fills you up with so many satisfying in-person experiences, it’s a balm for your spirit. For others, it’s a fun way to reconnect with friends and family.

Here’s what one happy shopper said after our Timonium show:

This was our first year attending the event and we had a blast! They had furniture and items to enhance my home and they even had booths that interested all 3 of my daughters, ages 10-15. We love supporting small businesses so we're glad this was able to put us in contact with more.” Lisa M.

Our artists are never satisfied with cookie cutter creations so they’re constantly experimenting with new patterns, colors and techniques. The one-of-a-kind flavor of handcrafted art is something Sugarloaf shoppers really appreciate.

Look forward to it every year. Amazing talent and I'm able to come home with Christmas gifts that you can't buy in a store. It's a yearly event that my sister and I are able to share and spend the day together.”
Cathy R.


Sugarloaf is an inspiration to artists and art lovers alike! I come back every year looking forward to seeing familiar artists as well as to discovering new ones. There's no other craft fair that offers pieces that are truly one of a kind.” Jennie B

With all the incredible handmade artwork, the on site demonstrations, live music and great food, Sugarloaf Craft Festivals are fun for every age. If you’re looking for a weekend activity the whole family will enjoy, you can’t go wrong with a visit to Sugarloaf.

Or as Renee M. put it:
I really enjoyed myself!!!! I can't wait until they come back.

We also can’t wait til they come back!

On that note, you might want to mark your calendar with the dates of our Spring 2018 shows:

EDISON, NJ • MARCH 2, 3, 4, 2018
OAKS, PA • MARCH 16, 17, 18, 2018
CHANTILLY, VA • MARCH 23, 24, 25, 2018
GAITHERSBURG, MD • APRIL 20, 21, 22, 2018
TIMONIUM, MD • APRIL 27, 28, 29, 2018

We hope you enjoy the holiday season!

Chantilly Highlights

Holiday shopping season is in full swing but don’t stress. Our Chantilly Sugarloaf Crafts Festival has gifts galore for everyone on your list!

Shopping at Sugarloaf is far more enjoyable than trudging through the malls. In one location, you can buy exceptional handmade gifts directly from the crafters who made them!

You can also enjoy a close up glimpse of art in the making at our many artist demonstrations, relax to the soothing tones of Janet Spahr’s handpan music and enjoy dozens of gourmet food samples from our specialty food artisans.

Here is a sampling of the hundreds of artists you’ll find at our Chantilly festival!


An oversized stuffed animal or blanket from Lucy’s Toys is likely to be a lifelong keepsake. Lucy Moore and family make some of the softest faux fur blankets and animals available anywhere! With over 50 years of creating stuff animals, they’ve got just about any animal you might want. All animals and blankets are machine washable.

Can one photo sum up an entire life or relationship? Maybe not, but one of David Addario’s mosaic prints absolutely can! David, aka The Mosaic Guy, combines dozens and dozens of photos into one main image in his custom mosaic prints. These prints make great gifts for sports fans, anniversaries, weddings, graduations or any occasion when you want to honor a loved one.


Carrie Fertig makes enamel, copper and glass ornaments along historic themes. Perhaps most remarkable are her flameworked glass icicles made with extremely durable Borosilicate glass. Carrie learned the art of glass flamework from traditional master craftsmen in Lauscha, Germany.

Some people ask, “How many angels can fit on the head of a pin?” But for Daniel Riccio of Artifacts, a more interesting question is “How many sea creatures can I fit on top of a thimble?” His mini-dioramas of marine life are pretty incredible!

Daniel creates astonishingly detailed miniature sculptures of religious symbols, trains, bells and other items. Come see them close up at Sugarloaf!

Do you picture yourself getting organized in 2018? A beautiful magnetic key rack or desk caddy by Natural Renaissance will make it easy and enjoyable to keep things where they belong.

Spread the joy with Cheryl’s Nut Butters! These wholesome butters, available in Pistachio, Almond, Cashew, Sunflower and Peanut Butter, are enriched with fruit, chocolate and spices. Great for your holiday gatherings or as gifts for your foodie friends. Stop by and sample Peanut Butter with Butterscotch or Cinnamon and Raisins. Previous taster agree her concoctions are divine!


With all the hurrying and busyness of daily life, it’s no wonder we end up feeling frazzled from time to time. Julie Leininger of Saratoga Jewels creates handcrafted jewelry interlaced with reminders of the natural world. Her designs are filled with stars, dew drops, hearts and flowers. Balance days filled with meetings and stressful commutes with accessories that inspire feelings of awe!

If the excitement of the holidays is a lot for humans to cope with, isn’t it equally so for our 4-legged friends? So many new people, tantalizing treats they can smell but not eat and so many shiny packages they cannot open! Help them take the edge off with some of Ryan Oberdick’s 100% natural elk antler chews and donut treats. Ryan’s company, Whisker Biscuits, sells farm fresh, bacteria and preservative-free antler chews that will keep your pup happily occupied (and away from your guest’s shoes!) for hours. They have cat treats too, made with quality, human-grade ingredients.


Now that winter is upon us, keep your loved ones warm and cozy outdoor in winter gear by Annadele Alpacas. Their hats, socks, scarfs and shawls are made with silky soft alpaca fibers from their own alpaca farm. Their cashmere soft alpaca yarn is much warmer than wool but less itchy on the skin. In addition, this natural fiber is stain, soil and pill resistant!

Linda Harris of Pen Craft pairs timeless bits of wisdom, advice and humour with elegant hand lettering and charming illustrations. Choose from her collected Words of Wisdom on many topics or submit your own!

These artists and many more are looking forward to meeting you in Chantilly at our last show of 2017!

Sugarloaf Crafts’ Chantilly Holiday Preview

Your last chance for holiday shopping at Sugarloaf Crafts! Our final Sugarloaf show of the season is overflowing with loads of great gifts for every age and stage of life. In the home decor department, our glass blowers, wood turners and fine artists have beautiful items to dress up your home and your dinner table.


James Mofhitz of Humorous Clocks has figured out that time really is relative - to your priorities. Check out some of his hilarious interpretations of time for every occupation or hobby.

A favorite saying goes, “It’s always be 5 o’clock somewhere!” but to your dog, it’s always play time or scratch and sniff time. To the fishermen, gardeners and teachers in your life, it’s time for something else entirely.

Dress up your dinnerware with Mark Speiser’s beautiful wooden bowls made out of cherry, walnut, oak, ash and maple. His company, Bowled-Over Woodturning crafts stunning wooden bowls that are equal parts artistic gems and fully functional diningware.

No need to buy new slippers every winter once you have a pair of sheepskin slippers by Homestead Leather. Brian Rosenbarker creates leather and sheepskin bags, wallets, travel accessories and other items meant to last decades.


The notion that you can find beauty in everything is more than a cliche to Tiffany Kimmet. She photographs ordinary objects like staircases, church doors and animal faces and pairs each with a quote from scripture for her plaques, notecards, pillows, magnets and other items.

Despite the seriousness of world events, we all need something to laugh about to lighten our spirits. Stroll by Bruce Garrabrandt’s booth for some hilarious punny illustrations. He creates prints and gift books filled with light hearted drawings as an antidote to the harshness of front page news.


Profound words really do deserve to be set in stone - or at least etched in glass, as Carol Bloomgarden does with her incredible glass etchings of famous poems and inspired quotations. Her itty, bitty, tiny writing, also known as Micrography, is carefully inscribed in the outlines of animals and nature scenes. Her works are awe-inspiring conversation pieces and wonderful keepsakes to treasure for years to come.

Handblown glass ornaments from Canton Glassworks can be hung indoors or outside. John Boyett makes whimsical holiday and nature-themed glass ornaments that you’ll enjoy all year round.

Many families have a great family recipe for baked beans, a sauce or a stew that everyone oohs and ahhs over every time it’s served. And someone at the table always says, “You should package this and sell it!”

Well Jared Slater had this thought about his Great Aunt Caroline’s BBQ sauce so many times that he finally went from thinking about a business to running one. Aunt Caroline’s BBQ sauces come in 10 great flavors - all are great on chicken, pork and steak. The Honey Mustard and Glaze, Rib & Dippin sauces are especially good for dipping. Jared has many serving suggestions, but basically they’re great on anything that could stand a few spoonfuls of molasses, brown sugar and spices.


Lynn and Alan Fliegel of Babytoes Clothing started out making handpainted clothing for infants and toddlers. Each of their children’s outfits comes with a pair of matching socks attached. Their complete line includes comfortable, stylish clothes for infants, toddlers and women. All items are pre-shrunk and machine washable.

If you or someone you know is that guy or gal who is happiest manning (or wo-manning) the grill, Apothecary Spices has some wild spice blends. Eddie Gonzalez has been making his specialty spice blends for friends and family for years. After endless experimenting, he figured everyone can be a successful grillmaster with the right spice blend at hand. His recipes are suitable for meat eaters, vegetarians and even some dessert dishes.

His seasoning blends appeal to people who like intense flavors and are appropriately named: Eye of Newt, Wing of Bat and Dragon’s Breath.

Support Small Businesses This Holiday Season

Tis the season! Support small businesses and independent artisans this holiday season at Sugarloaf Craft Festivals!

At Sugarloaf Crafts Festivals every purchase benefits a small business owner in the most effective way since 100% of the proceeds of each sale goes directly to the artist. There is no cut for shareholders, advertising or legal departments!

Because our artists are free to source raw materials and create according to their own standards of integrity, they often choose to source from locally and sustainable suppliers, thereby supporting other small businesses. They stake their own reputations on the quality of the materials they use and their craftsmanship.

If you have any complaints about your purchase, months or even years later, you won’t deal with an automated customer service department while you try to get a warranty fulfilled. You’ll speak with the person who made the item and they’ll fix it for a nominal fee, and in some cases, for free!

Small businesses like these don’t use focus groups to learn about your anxieties and fears and then use that information to market their products to you. The have a much simpler, time-honored method of customer service -- they look you in the eye and talk to you to find out what you like or don’t like. On the rare occasion that a product cracks or tears, they consider how they would feel if they were in your shoes and then come to an agreement that makes you happy!

On that note, we’ve hand-picked a few artists with items that we think will make your holiday gatherings extra special.


Treat your Thanksgiving guests to homemade apple pie with a little help from Brumbaugh’s Delites. Their Apple Pies-in-a-Jar make it incredibly easy to have that fresh baked pie aroma and taste without coring a single apple. The pie mix is also fabulous served on top of pancakes, oatmeal or mixed into yogurt. They also carry Pumpkin Logs, Angel Food cakes, sweet and savory jams, pickles, relishes and fruit and vegetable butters. The best part? They grow most of the produce in their jams and pickles!


George’s Furniture adheres to a standard of craftsmanship that harkens back to the pre-industrial era. They have their own kiln to dry all the wood used in their furniture to ensure only the best quality wood is used. Upon completion, each chair or furniture piece is dated and signed by the individual craftsman who made it!

Dan and Ruth Davenport, of American Forging, make attractive, functional and commemorative trays, ornaments, crosses and dozens of other items using 100% recycled aluminum. This small family business is America’s #1 producer of hand-hammered recycled aluminum gift items.


If you love quilt patterns and want to enjoy them in portable forms, visit Robert Nettleton of Woodquilter. He uses multi-colored woods to create geometric designs on pins, earrings, ornaments, clocks, boxes and other items.

You can add a touch of Hobbit-chic to your home decor with Keith Schoonover’s custom furniture and serving boards. Wood Eye Wood Products handcrafts end tables, dining tables, shelves, serving boards and other items with a charming rustic look that you might expect to see in a Tolkien novel.


Bee a good host and treat your friends and family to Bumbleberry Farms’ Honey Cream Spreads. In four fabulous flavors - Lover’s Leap Sea Salt Caramel, Squirrel Crazy Maple, Molten Lava Spiced Chocolate and Sticky Buns Cinnamon - these delectable spreads are great on bagels, stirred into coffee or to glaze fish or poultry.

Gaithersburg Highlights

Our biggest Sugarloaf Crafts Festival of the year is coming up in a few days on November 17 - 19 in Gaithersburg, MD at the Montgomery County Fairgrounds.

Hundreds of handmade artists will have unique holiday decor items, gourmet specialty foods for people and pets and one-of-a-kind gifts for everyone on your list!


Make it clear you know the value of a good book with one of BeeZ’s vintage book purses. Hardcover versions of Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and many other great titles are repurposed into shoulder and clutch purses, ereader jackets and other designs. Each purse comes with the original book’s pages rebound in paperback.

You can make the guest of honor especially visible with a spangled tiara by Tina’s Tiaras. But they’re not just for parties. Tina Kelsey says she wears one any time she needs a little extra mojo to get through a challenging task or day.


Holiday food prep and serving is so much more fun when you’re equipped with smartly designed tools. Yucandu, creator of the original Adirondack Bow Knife, makes an assortment of knives, chopping boards, bowls and more. With their knives, you’ll easily cut any bread, cheese, meat or vegetable to the exact thickness you like.

Be ready for the coldest weather indoors or out with a pair of alpaca socks by Creekwater Alpacas. Softer and warmer than sheep’s wool, alpaca fiber is the ideal cold weather fabric because of it’s exceptional insulating and moisture-wicking properties. Best feature of all? No scratchy sensation!


Create a warm dinnertime atmosphere with textured tablecloths by Table Traditions. Debbie Feldick makes easy care table linens that will enhance your home throughout the holidays and beyond.

The enchanting landscapes of Irish castles, English cottages and Italian seasides shown in David Maynard’s photographs are welcome reminders that magical moments abound when we step back from our daily life. La Shot Photography sells images on framed canvas and gallery wraps for easy hanging. He also reproduces his images on mousepads, notecards and coasters. Great for home or office!


Staying warm on cold winter days doesn’t have to require bulky layers of fabric. Heidi Skillman designed the 360 Scarf to your neck and upper chest warm without the hassle of 4’ of fabric! Made with mohair, silk and other fabrics, the 360 Scarf compliments your winter wardrobe and fits easily in a pocket or purse when not needed.

Indulge your playful side with an animal, gnome or jester hat from The Mouse Works. Ryan Williamson uses factory remnants of warm, breathable Berber fleece to make adorable hats for children and adults.

Bill Healy of Healy Glass Artistry is a master glass artisan originally from Waterford, Ireland! Together, he and his wife, Nicole, design and deliver their own collection of Celtic-themed glass work. They also do family crests on glassware and wall hangings.


Give your skin the extra pampering it needs during the cold winter months. Wayne and Julia Parker of Whispering Willow Soap Company have natural, organic soaps, scrubs, moisturizers and hair care products formulated to keep your skin happy. They also make lavender and flax seeded neck pillows to help you unwind at the end of the day. All of their products are attractively packaged in eco-friendly materials.

Edison Highlights

The all new Edison, New Jersey Sugarloaf Crafts Festival is this weekend, Friday, November 10th through Sunday, November 12th at the New Jersey Convention and Expo Center.

This is a new location for Sugarloaf but you’ll still meet hundreds of top-notch artists ready to amaze you with their imaginative and artistic expressions in metalwork, ceramics, leather, textiles, fine art, woodturning, glass blowing and many other mediums.

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Here are 10 artists we want to make sure you don’t miss!          

We all hope guardian angels are watching over us and our loved ones every day. But a specially sculpted pair of angel wings on canvas or wood is an encouraging reminder during life’s tough times… or any time at all. These Angels of Heart by Kelley Bowers make great new baby and wedding gifts!


Sugarloaf artists are exceptional in many ways, including in their dedication to preserving ancient art forms. Marie Cuozzo of Bear’s Nest Studio uses the Medieval chainmaille technique in her bracelets and a 7th Century Japanese braiding technique for her necklaces! Come get a glimpse of her museum-worthy pieces.

If it’s true that “We don’t remember days, we remember moments” as Cesare Pavese, what better gift for  friend or family than an Artistic Collage by Raymond Mancini? Raymond carefully layers and combines multiple photos into a single visual story. These collages are a great way to tell a story without words.


Icebox Jam’s low sugar freezer jam can enhance every meal and taste fantastic at any time. Mix a little of their Pumpkin Pie jam into hot coffee for a homemade pumpkin latte. Stir some Plum Raspberry Jam into some hot tea and turn on a period drama. They’re also great as meat glazes, added to oatmeal or yogurt. Strong fruit flavors but not a lot of sugar. Be sure to try a few samples and let Icebox share their serving suggestions with you!

Find charming ceramic items with Jewish and secular themes by Olga Goldin of Gold’n Ceramics. Olga specializes in traditional Jewish ceramics, such as menorahs, dreidels, seder sets and other items. She also creates home decor items such as mirrors, vases, teapots, candlesticks and amusing sculptures. Olga finishes each handpainted piece with her trademark 24K gold accent.


Cold winter days find many of us wanting to stay indoors curled up with a warm blanket. Nanako Clothes makes soft, plush blanket coats that you’ll want to show off! Her free-flowing, versatile designs are flattering to women in every age bracket.

Do you walk around on cold days with your head uncovered because you ‘don’t like hats’? If this is you, take a look at some of the non-traditional hats by Ossi Rioux. Ossi fashions one-of-a-kind wool, cotton, velvet, satin and silk hats using her own millinery techniques.

Anytime is tea time with Carlos Silva’s colorful teacup clocks. On these shadowbox timepieces, each hour is indicated with a carefully crafted miniature teacup, teapot or other kitchenware.


If humans like gifts, it stands to reason that our four-legged friends do too! And really, who’s more grateful than our dogs? Your dog already thinks you’re amazing. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t earn his appreciation once in awhile. Some long-lasting dog chews by Acadia Antlers will keep your pup’s tail wagging for a very long time. Acadia’s dog treats are made from naturally shed Maine moose antlers. These treats are non-splintering, they’re rich in calcium and they’ll help keep your dog’s teeth clean too!


Proving that great wall art comes in many forms, Hollie Graze of Mollycat Mosaics creates delightful figurative and patterned mosaic wall art, framed mirrors and 3D sculptures using tile and glass. Get a close up look at how she uses glass, beads and shells to create the appearance of fur or fabric!

Philadelphia Highlights

What’s in store for Sugarloaf Crafts Festival in Oaks, PA on November 3 - 5? With hundreds of artists from all around the country, you’ll find an abundance of expertly handcrafted functional and decorative items for your home, your wardrobe and daily life.  


You can dress like the stars! Sharon London Designs’ eco-conscious apparel is favored by Brooke Shields,  musicians Amanda Palmer and Nora Jones and other television and film stars. Their dresses, capes and shawls made with Italian knits, organic cottons, wool and bamboo feel great next to your skin and are suitable for casual, business and formal occasions.

Mercedes Sherwood Designs features cross body clutch womens’ purses made from vintage barkcloth fabric. This upholstery weight material was popular from the 1930s to 1950’s and uses bright florals, regional scenes and geometric patterns. The bags are available as shoulder bags, traditional clutch purses and mini purses. All can be worn as crossbody bags, while the smaller ones can use just a wrist strap.


Kool Kombz hair accessories have the perfect solution for the woman who wants a great hairdo without a lot of fuss. Their jeweled bun and ponytail holders clip in place easily and they’re comfortable to wear from the yoga studio to formal events. Made with rubber combs, durable elastic and accented with beads and Swarovski crystals, they work well with thick or thin hair.


Complete your outfit with one-of-a-kind sterling silver, 14K, 18K or platinum earrings, necklaces or bangles by Judi Powers Jewelry. Her designs are inspired by her own childhood memories, the natural world and Buddhist architecture. In the jewelry industry, she’s known for her sustainable and ethical sourcing practices.

Winter time means dry skin for many of us. Hand and body lotions by Pretty Baby Naturals will prevent dry, cracked skin without leaving any greasy sheen. This company of fourth and fifth generation soap makers has cruelty-free, long lasting soaps, lotions, powders, oils and other items to keep you soft and silky all winter long. All Pretty Baby Naturals products are water, plant and vegetable-based. Check out their gift sets tailored for ladies, men, infants and pets.


l&m studio crafts artfully designed pottery items for humans, birds and plants. This award winning design studio features diningware, birdhouses and plants made by potter, Meg Oliver, and sculptor, Lucie Piedra. Their creations are easy to clean and handle and visually surprising.

Whether it feels like time is flying by or crawling slowly along, it’s never dreary or boring with David Scherer’s table and wall clocks. Each clock is an explosion of color, energy and fun!

You may use the latest phone for music and sports audio, but you can still enjoy the look, feel and sound of yesteryear with ReAcoustic’s 1920’s style gramophone speakers. Made with vintage gramophone horns mounted on a wooden base, these speakers will create the ambience of a simpler era.

Any room in your home or office will be more inviting with one of Tracy Lizotte’s whimsical watercolor paintings. Her paintings are inspired by the mischievous activities of her four children, pets and wildlife around her home studio in Maine.


Delight the chocolate lovers in your life (or treat yourself!) with a selection of artisan chocolate by Chocolate Moonshine. This small batch chocolatier makes low-sugar, gluten-free chocolate bars in 39 flavors. Put together your own 4, 10 or 20 piece package. If fudge is more your flavor, theirs is a must try! Their small batch gourmet fudge comes in 30 flavors and was voted America’s Best Fudge!

These are just a few of the many impressive artists participating at our Oaks show.

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Holiday Highlights / Holiday Entertaining

With November just around the corner, you’re probably already planning your holiday gatherings and putting your gift list together. A trip to any of the fall Sugarloaf Craft Festivals will simplify your party planning and gift giving efforts immensely!  

Among our hundreds of talented artists, we have dozens of specialty food crafters with fabulous mixes, spreads, sauces and sweet treats to entice partygoers. Our talented potters craft imaginative hand thrown and hand painted tableware to grace your holiday table. And our clothing designers and jewelry makers create unique wearable art perfect for the holiday season!


Steel Pony clothing designers use 100% eco-friendly processes, fabrics and dyes in all their women’s apparel and handbags. Their company is centered around the goal of making clothing from fabric that is knit, dyed and sewn entirely in the United States and with the lowest possible environmental impact.

Exquisitely crafted wooden cheeseboards, salad bowls, wine displays, candle holders and other kitchen accessories by Trees to Dreams will enhance any holiday gathering.

Tommy Laraia of Tommy Conch Designs creates one of a kind jewelry pieces that interweave art, history and nature. Using repurposed and found items, Tommy Conch combines contemporary and vintage elements to create remarkable looking necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings.


After fighting her own wardrobe battles for years, Joan Ecker of F.H. Clothing Co. decided women deserve clothing that “loves you just the way you are.” To that end, she’s spent the last 35 years making soft, easy to wear clothes for women. Choose from wide-legged slacks, pencil pants and streamlined figure flattering leggings, tunics and roomy tops made from soft poly/cotton blends.

The fine art photography of Through the Eyes of David is printed directly on canvas gallery wraps so they’re ready to hang as is, no frame needed. Photographer, David Micelotta, specializes in shots of wildlife, nature scenes, and cityscapes.

Add a small dose of personality to every room of your home with Tassels by Sewkaren. Karen Acciani adorns salt and pepper shakers with fringe, pendants, feathers and beaded trim to create ‘household jewelry’ for light fixtures, doorknobs and mirrors.


Linda Doucette of Shades of Nature crafts plant and animal fibers into beautiful pillows and small animal sculptures. She creates on her small Pennsylvania farm surrounded by the animals and garden that provide the natural fibers and plant dyes to support her art.

Hudson River Inlay creates museum quality mirrors and furniture with a dozen or more species and colors of wood in each piece. They use an ancient technique called marquetry to create decorative patterns in furniture or on other surfaces from small pieces of wood and other materials. Their finished pieces have the look of fine art paintings made with fine wood, stones and shells instead of paint.

Enjoy a less serious take on human and animal behavior with the whimsical cartoon illustrations of John DeAmicis. Some pretty big names have already bought his work, including Elton John, Shirley Maclaine, Mikhail Baryshnikov, Luciano Pavarotti and Henry Kissinger.


Hailey Banda ceramics will enhance any gathering. Hailey crafts her handpainted mugs, vases and planters with the idea of creating a warm, comforting environment.

Hopefully these snapshots have sparked some ideas to get you started. And there are many more fabulous handmade artisans at each show.

Buy tickets online for the best deal! You can also download the festival layout for each show

Can’t wait to see you there!

Fall Shopping Guide

Whether this is your first Sugarloaf Crafts Festival or you’ve attended many shows already, there is a lot to see. We thought we’d highlight a handful of interesting and fun artisans to get you off to a good start!


Make your time in the kitchen just a little more pleasurable with high quality kitchen utensils by Jonathan’s Spoons. These spoons are designed with function and beauty in mind - made from exotic woods and meant to last a very long time. Many have notches carved into the handle so you can rest the spoon on the side of the pan. Jonathan’s wooden serving tongs fold flat for storage so they slide easily into a drawer.


Mark Mowen of Mowen Leather Designs creates drum dyed leather purses, clutch bags and wallets from a variety of textured and non-textured leathers including cow, ostrich and alligator. He has recently added items made with eco-friendly tanned leathers which are especially color rich and soft to the touch.

As the weather turns colder, stay warm and dry with felted wool coats, jackets, shawls and hats by Cindy Anne Creations. Cindy’s imaginative designs and textured wools will brighten the grayest and coldest  winter day!

A party costume is always at hand with a pair of clip on animal ears by Kritter Clips. Not just for children, these faux fur accessories can hide in your purse or pocket when not in use. When you’re ready to unleash your inner animal, they snap on in seconds.


Elaine Thompson’s fine art paintings and prints reveal wolves, deer and other wildlife having a heck of a time in storybook fashion. She’s got Busking Huskies strumming guitar and playing the drums and a pair of Shimmying Sheep dancing in the moonlight.

You’ll find it easy to eat more veggies using the recipes from Berkshire Sweet Gold Maple Farm. This family run farm in Heath, Massachusetts produces light, medium, dark and black gold maple syrup. They provide dozens of recipes for using their syrup in desserts, but also in veggie, meat and fish-centered dishes. Warm beverages can be sweetened with pure maple syrup instead of refined sugar.

If you or someone you know is the kind of sports fan who lives for the next game, check out these 3D replicas of famous ballparks and stadiums by Home Fields. Chris Skovira and Ken Small create 120 different ball fields and stadiums in 3D, complete with floodlights and a detailed history of each venue.


Perhaps you’d like to travel more? Check out Mark Miller’s Fine Art photographs of iconic images like the Eiffel Tower, Amsterdam’s canals and vast Alaskan landscapes. His photos are reproduced on canvas and as glossy aluminum prints with an attached floating frame.

Despite the wonders of technology, we often do our best creating offline, with pen and paper. Evergreen Mountain Pens makes elegant ballpoint, roller ball and fountain pens as well as mechanical and sketch pencils. Their pens are true conversation pieces incorporating many non-traditional materials like recycled watch parts and antler wood! Since the company is based in Santa Claus, Indiana, you can honestly say  Christmas gifts from Evergreen Mountain Pens came straight from Santa Claus!

We can’t wait to see you at our fall Sugarloaf Craft Festivals!